Photo Projects

Panning Project

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This assignment is designed to introduce us to the concepts and techniques involved in panning. Panning is a technique used to produce photographic prints that provide the viewer with a sense of movement. A quality-panning photograph will “freeze” the motion of the subject, but not the background – in other words, the subject’s motion is captured clearly and in focus, but the background is blurred and out of focus. To create the effect of panning, the camera must be moved with the subject as the photograph is taken.  We went outside on the street to take the moving car photos and took the images of the stationary objects around campus.

I chose my best images based on how focused they were and the distance they were taken at. I really liked my picture of the cyclist and of the guy on the cart as my non-car moving objects, which is why I chose them.  It was a little difficult for me to figure out how to make the stationary wheels look like they were spinning, but I got it eventually.

To find the tutorial used to make the stationary objects blurred: click here


2 thoughts on “Panning Project

  1. 1) It all turned out nice with a variety of pictures.
    2) The struggles with photoshop… Not really sure what improvements could be done, but maybe with the nonmoving pictures, they can be edited a little more so it looks like they’re actually moving?


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