Photo Projects

Double Exposure


The goal of this project was to learn and apply the technique of the double exposure on a portrait of a person and using a landscape image taken by the student.  The combination of the portrait and the landscape were supposed to create a silhouette look of the person that the image was taken of.  We were supposed to follow the given photoshop tutorials to learn how to apply this technique in our image.  We were required to take 5 profile images and 5 landscapes, then make a contact sheet out of those 10 images.

I took pictures of Ahn for the profile image for this project and I used an older image that I took at Disneyland as my landscape.  I like this picture of the castle because it encompasses some of the most recognizable features of Disneyland, such as Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and the Partner Statue.  Though it was a little difficult to find a color sample from the image to use as the background color because many of the colors are very bright and using that bright of a color looks tacky to use for a surreal type of image.



2 thoughts on “Double Exposure

  1. 1) I like the way the project turned out, especially with the picture of Disneyland in the middle.
    2) There aren’t really anything I think can be improved. I don’t know…maybe next time, the color of my face can be less opaque?


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