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Portrait Project

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This project was similar to the last, where portraits were to be taken, except the goal of this one was to capture our partner in the photos we took of them.  These expressive portraits are supposed to capture the personality or essence of the person or subject.  Some of them were posed and some were candid, and all attempted to capture who Eric is. We partnered up and each took 1 day to take 100 portraits of the other person, then we swapped for the next shoot day.  We then were supposed to choose our 3 best pictures of our partner and edit them to enhance our vision.

I had Eric as a partner, which was great.  Though it was tough at times because he would make weird faces while shooting, and pictures that could have been great had his mouth half open with his tongue sticking out.  It wasn’t hard to choose 3 good photos though because he was a good model.  All of the pictures I did minor edits in Camera Raw for color correction, and I also did some touch-ups on his face in the headshot on the brick wall.  My favorite would have to be the black and white shot of Eric because the way the light reflects off his back makes him look like he has wings.


2 thoughts on “Portrait Project

  1. 1) Pictures turned out good, but that’s kind of given since you know what you are doing. There’s a variety of photos, so it doesn’t make it boring.
    2) Improvements? Nothing I can really think of.


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